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Anthony & His Experience in Becoming Smoke Free

Smoke Free - The 28 Day Stop Smoking Program is now a self-help book, written by Anthony D'Agostino. He started smoking at an early age and continued up to the age of 30. After trying just about every program that was out there, it was clear a more simple, easier and safer approach was needed.

Anthony D'Agostino

Anthony's Research

After years of failing to stop smoking, he began researching and studying human behavior. He read books on motivation and why and how our emotions control us. Between everything he learned and his experiences from other programs, he came up with Smoke Free - The 28 Day Stop Smoking Program.

It is not the habit of smoking or the addiction to nicotine that caused Anthony's failures but the fears and emotions associated with quitting. When he finished his last cigarette and woke up the next morning, he could not believe how he felt. He had no desire to light up. As the day progressed, there were no symptoms of withdrawal, no nervousness, and no fear of failing.

He kept daily journals of what he was doing, what was working, and what wasn't working. After he finished writing, he looked back and realized the results were amazing. It was almost too easy. He had come up with a way to stop smoking, and he is confident it will work for you too!