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News Letter

June 2020

By Anthony D'Agostino

Tobacco Use and Sales

Sales, Marketing Spending, US and Worldwide Production

     On average the number of cigarettes sold in the United States today on a daily basis is 742,465,753 million or totaling 271,000,000,000 billion sold annually.  Worldwide the annual number of cigarettes sold are 6,674,000,000,000 Trillion.  The average number of cigarettes consumed by one smoker annually is 6,200.  That totals $144,800,000,000 Billion dollars in revenue of annual sales of all tobacco companies combined. 

     Tobacco companies spent in 2015 close to $9,000,000,000 Billion dollars on advertising and marketing.  Approximately $6,500,000,000 of that was spent on promotional discounts to retailers in reducing cigarette prices to the consumer. (CDC.gov; statisticbrain.com)

     Looking at these numbers, even with the high cost of cigarettes today, the number of smokers has increased.  The tobacco companies are spending billions to keep you smoking and entice new smokers each day.  China has the highest adult smokers at 29% or 168,000,000 million, whereas the United States adult smokers is at16% or 39,650,000 million adults smoking today.  

     Let 2019 be the year you are not part of the tobacco industry statistics by making the choice to stop smoking.  We are here to support you in stopping smoking.  Please visit our facebook page @smokefree28day for weekly postings.  You can contact us here on our website.  We will make it easy, fun and stress free for you, but you need to take the first step.  Don't let fear stop you!

Visit www.the truth.com and learn how the big tobacco companies engineer today's tobacco to be more additive.  Nicotine is a mild drug and can be weaned off very easily.  The tobacco companies were losing a lot of active smokers, so they started to enhance the flavors, and we are being told that they physically enhance the tobacco to keep you smoking.   

I am Anthony D'Agostino, and I want to help you understand your smoking and help you stop once and for all.  I do not want you to believe in me, I want you to believe in yourself.  You can do this, but you need to take the first step.